The third international workshop on Microscopic Image Analysis with Applications in Biology, MIAAB 2008, was held in conjuction with MICCAI in New York, NY on September 06 2008. In order to encourage the participation of biologists we established a separate poster/-abstract submission format to allow presentation of application problems, as is common for biology conferences. All remaining submissions where submittted as full papers and evaluated in blind review process.

The automatic analysis of microscope imagery plays an increasingly important role in biosciences research. Novel imaging devices such as the confocal and two photon (or multi-photon) microscope, automated stages for optical and electron microscopy, and higher resolution electron tomography enable researchers to image biological systems at the cellular and sub-cellular scale. These datasets pose a number of challenges that are very distinct from conventional clinical imagery in their size and abundance, the detail of relevant features, and their statistics. Sophisticated algorithms are necessary to process such imagery and extract biologically relevant features and information. The design, development, and application of such algorithms are the focus of this workshop. This workshop was be the third workshop in this series. The first workshop was held as a MICCAI workshop in Copenhagen in 2006. In 2007 the workshop was held as an independent one-day event in Piscataway, NJ.

The program was comprised of one invited talk, 11 oral presentations, and 18 poster presentations. The invited talk was given by Badri Roysam (RPI). We wish to thank the authors of all submitted papers for their interest in the workshop. We also wish to thank the members of our program committee and the additional reviewers for their commitment of time and effort in providing valuable recommendations for each submission. In particular we would like to thank Executive Commitee of MICCAI 2008 Leon Axel, Brian Davis, and Dimitris Metaxas as well as Andrew Laine and Elsa Angelini who acted as Workshop Chairs. We hope you will find these proceedings both inspiring and of high scientific quality.

Jens Rittscher
Stephen Lockett
Karl Rohr
Tolga Tasdizen
Sean Megason